Frequently Asked Questions

For general information on the buying process, please visit the Our Process section of our website.


I found a lot I am interested in, but it is marked "Reserved" or "Under Contract" on the website.  What should I do?


Contact us! We will be glad to place you on the waiting list for the lot or help you find a similar available lot that meets your needs.  Once a lot is reserved for purchase, the buyer has 3 days to submit the processing fee.  If the processing fee is not received, the lot is placed back on the market and will once again be available for purchase.  Additionally, once a lot is placed under contract, the buyer has 30 days to execute and return the contract.  If the contract is not returned in the allotted time, the lot will be placed back on the market and will once again be available for purchase.


Can I purchase multiple lots?  Will I have to pay more than one processing fee?


You may purchase more than one lot if additional lots are available.   You will be required to make a $750 down payment for each additional lot you purchase.  You will not have to pay an additional processing fee if you are buying all lots at the same time and on the same contract (all buyers and information are the same for all lots).  The maximum amount of credit that can be offered to a customer indiviually or in combination with other buyers or entities is $100,000.










Are all available lots listed on your website?


Yes, however, if you don't find a lot that meets your needs on our website, please contact us.  We will be happy to notify you when new properties become available.

Do any of your lots have existing utilities?

A majority of our lots do not have an existing well or septic system.  Occasionally we have a lot that has a well and/or septic system .  This information will be noted on the pricing page.  


Does Country Lots, LLC offer financing for utilities?

As of June 1, 2017, Country Lots, LLC will no longer provide financing for utilities on new contracts.

When will my first monthly payment be due?


The first monthly payment will be due in 30-45 days from the time the processing fee is paid.  Payments are scheduled for the 1st or 15th of the month.


How do I make my monthly payment?  Will I receive a payment booklet?


Country Lots, LLC offers multiple ways to make your monthly payment:

-Mail a check or money order to:

     Country Lots, LLC

     Dept #999709

     P.O. Box 537044

     Atlanta, GA 30353-7044                                               

-Have your payment automatically drafted from your bank account each month by filling out and returning this form.

-Pay online with a debit or credit card through the Online Payments section of our website.

We are not currently set up to provide payment booklets.


What if my payment is late?

Each account is given a 15 day grace period.  Once the payment is 15 days past due, a 5% late charge will be added.


How much are property taxes?  Are they included in my monthly payment?


Property taxes vary by lot and county.  Country Lots can provide you with the previous year's tax amount to give you an estimate of the the cost for your lot.  Taxes are not included in your monthly payment.  You will receive an annual bill from Country Lots for your property taxes and your first year will be pro-rated based on the date of your contract. Country Lots does not add a surcharge to the amount charged by the County.


Are the property lines marked?


When Country Lots, LLC purchases a property, a state registered surveying company is hired to mark all boundary lines to ensure our customers know what they are purchasing.  If a lot has been returned to Country Lots, and the boundary lines have become unclear, the lot will be re-marked before being put on the market.   Country Lots will be happy to recommend a surveyor if at any time a boundary line needs to be clarified or re-marked, however, all costs incurred will be at the buyer's expense.

Can I see a sample contract?


Yes.  Click here to view a sample Installment Sales Contract.

Want More Information?


Contact us any time at 912-253-3294 or